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"For every word spoken, faith first, deceit and falsehood, how can he?" are the four opening sentences in the book of rules of disciples. As a superficial reading of Confucian culture, there are 360 sentences and three characters in the "rules of the disciple", which specify the rules and regulations that should be abided by when a disciple is at home, away from home, treats others, accepts things and studies. "When you speak, believe first." these six words establish the values of honesty, trustworthiness and integrity. This is also the outline of our company culture of dalian puyang power generation technology co., LTD. In 2009, the leadership of puyang company proposed "disciple GUI" as the company's value principle and set an example. In addition to the faithful part, the outline also includes "all people should love, heaven and earth should be covered together", "we will add others, ask ourselves first, and if we do not want to, we will do so as soon as possible". In the words of a speech, the company set up cooperative enterprise culture is the "standard", start from the enterprise respect love employees, cultivating employees love between, coordination, and mutual assistance, to jointly build such enterprise culture spontaneously.