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Hua Yi real estate is in arrears with millions of people in agriculture

The first high building, the first high building in the Wuchuan County of Hohhot, has been completed since 2012, and the developers have been in arrears with up to hundreds of million yuan of farmers' workers. The relevant parts of the territory actually did not collect peasant workers as a guarantee in accordance with the law.
The official title of "the first high building" in Wuchuan county is the residential quarter of the "Hua Fu Jinyuan" commodity room, which is opened up by Inner Mongolia Hua Yi real estate open up unlimited company (hereinafter referred to as Hua Yi Real Estate). The project not only built many popular multi-storey rooms, but also built 4 high-rise commercial rooms. Two of these are 11 layers, and two are 18. The two 18 floors of the first floor of the commodity room is the highest building in Wuchuan County in the future, so it is called "the first high-rise building in Wuchuan county". From the completion of the "Hua Fu Jinyuan" project in 2012, Hubei Xiaogan City, Xiaochang County, Ming Yuan Construction labor service unlimited company to lead more than 100 farm workers to work on the project site. In April 6, 2013, Ma Pao Wen also signed a contract for peace talks with Huayi real estate. Ma Baowen said that the first two years after he led the vast agricultural labor to the site, Hua Yi real estate also can pay farmers' workers regularly, so that the progress of the project is very fast. By 2015, the company had not paid the farmers' labor.
In December 2, 2015, Hua Yi Real Estate issued a "project settlement sheet" to Ma Baowen, which showed the company's total arrears of more than 535 million yuan. After the settlement statement was issued, Huayi real estate paid 1 million 400 thousand yuan to Ma Baowen. Ma Volvo generator Bao Wen said: "so far, Huayi real estate has also defaulted on US $3 million 950 thousand. We often go to ask for help, but the other side always refuses to pay with all kinds of reasons.
On the morning of September 12th, Guo Xiaogui, the general manager of Hua Yi real estate, said when he took over the media, that it was not that the company did not pay peasant workers, but that Ma Bao Wen not only did not comply with the treaty, but had not finished many other projects. When the reporter asked why the company had not finished the project, why did the company issue a "project settlement bill" to Ma Baowen, Guo Xiaogui said, "I used to tell Ma Baowen to the court. If I really owe him the money I owe him, I'm just right. How would it be my complaint?"
In this regard, Hou Zhankui, the deputy director of the labor and Social Security Bureau of Wuchuan County, hinted that the "Hua Fu Jinyuan" did exist in the environment of arrears of farmers and workers, and there was no dispute between the two sides of the 3 million 950 thousand yuan arrears. These 3 million 950 thousand include about 2000000 yuan farmer workers. However, Ma Pao Wen has not finished all the contracted projects. How to calculate the Department that has not been finished? The board has repeatedly stopped adjusting this matter, and Guo Xiaogui has promised to give it to him, but he soon repented.
In order to avoid all kinds of projects owed to farmer workers, the country has introduced peasant workers as a guarantee system many years ago. Then, can the "Jinyuan Park of the Hua Fu" pay farmers' workers in accordance with the law?
In the morning of the same morning, Zhang Kecheng, chief of the Construction Engineering Department of the Construction Bureau of Wuchuan County, in taking over the media, suggested that in accordance with the relevant agreement, every project should not be able to pay the "construction permit" if it did not pay the farmer workers in accordance with the law. However, Zhang Kecheng later referred to the coherent material after that, as early as in September 28, 2012, the Wuchuan County Housing Construction Bureau once gave the "Hua Fu Jinyuan" project "construction promise", but the project has not paid farm workers to guarantee gold. When reporters asked whether such practices could be violated in Wuchuan County Housing Bureau, Zhang Kecheng said, "doing so is indeed illegal."
In this regard, Ma Baobin said: "the state set up compulsory peasant workers to guarantee the golden rail system, that is, to ensure the rights and interests of farmers. When it comes to difficulties in getting paid, the Department will use this guarantee. Now, because of the illegal operation of the housing bureau of Wuchuan County, we can not even expect the farmer to make a guarantee.