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Generator set test system

The intelligent test system of the generator set can accurately test the output power and carrying capacity of all kinds of generating sets. It mainly tests all the electric parameters of the generator set, including the dynamic parameters. It is composed of two parts of the measurement and control and the load cabinet. It is used in conjunction with the upper computer to realize the intelligent and automatic completion of all the electric parameters of the generator set. The number of special tests, at the same time generate charts, curves and test reports, completely separated from manual operation (intelligent control, automatic / manual optional). It provides scientific detection means for high-power generator sets.
Main features and functions
1. It can measure the basic functions of generator steady state voltage, current, active power, reactive power, power factor, frequency and running time.
2. It has the function of harmonic analysis. It can simultaneously analyze the 2~40 harmonic content and total harmonic content of voltage and current, and the accumulative function of electric energy.
3. The function of generator setting test, fluctuation test, transient test (load process, load unload) can automatically test the maximum voltage, minimum value, maximum current, minimum value, maximum frequency, minimum value, and recovery time.
4, has a strong voltage recording function, equipped with photoelectric isolation RS485/RS232 serial communication function, powerful serial port.
5. Not only can all steady state parameters be measured, but also the curve of sudden load, voltage, current and frequency can be measured, and the harmonic curve of voltage and current and the content of harmonic.
6. With the use of the upper computer, it can automatically measure all the electric parameters of the generator. Automatically generate charts, curves and test reports. Standard operation and strong authority. Data content is rich, report applicability is strong, and can be signed according to user needs, change format and so on.
7, there are 4 sets of load control functions, each group can control 25% of the load, can be combined into 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% four load forms or set according to needs.
8, load control function, can complete load sudden, unloading function.
9, load sensing or capacitive load function (according to user needs, separate design).
10, the above control can be controlled automatically by computer and manually on the panel.
11, equipped with three road environment temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure sensor interface, automatic environmental temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure measurement, display and upload (user self configured sensor).
12, optimize the segmented power input mode, easy to set up, covering all power values (1kW to 120kw, 0.5kVA to 50.5 kVA).
13. Intelligent control, which can automatically test generator parameters including dynamic parameters. It provides scientific detection means for large power generating units (domestic initiative).
14, cooling mode: forced air cooling type;
15, work mode: load segmented control (single pole double throw switch control contactor). It can satisfy the combination of arbitrary power within the rated power.