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Cause analysis and solution for starting difficulty of generator set

Type: the starting difficulty of the generator set
1.1. After pressing the start button, the unit does not respond or turn very slowly.
Possible reasons:
1) insufficient electricity in the battery
2) the loosening of the wire and the pile head of the battery
3) failure of intermediate relay
4) malfunction of the starter
5) the failure of the control box
Treatment methods:
1) check the charge of the battery
2) check and fasten the wire and pile head of the battery
3) check whether the action of the intermediate relay is normal
4) overhaul the starter
5) check the tightness of the safety pipe and the plate line in the control box.
1.2, the engine can rotate to a certain speed, but it can not catch fire.
Possible reasons:
1) oil spray nozzle without oil spray (oil supply is not smooth)
2) the fuel system penetrated the air
3) fuel injection timing is not accurate or fuel injection pump failure.
Treatment methods:
1) check whether there is any leakage or blockage between the fuel tank and the oil pump.
2) open the exhaust screw to check out the oil
3) retest the timing of fuel injection
4) retry the replacement of fuel injection pump
1.3. After starting, stop by itself
Possible reasons:
1) poor oil circuit, blockage of filter and failure of oil transmission pump.
2) the clogging of the air filter is serious
3) fault of nozzle
4) low temperature
Note the alarm status indication on the control box on the machine.
Treatment methods:
1) check the smooth condition of the oil passage and replace the diesel filter element if necessary.
2) check the condition of the air filter
3) replacement of nozzle