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Assembly key points after maintenance of model 6135 diesel engine

If the diesel engine after 6135 assembly is overhauled, there will be some installation errors, which are summarized in this paper.

(1) piston ring
The first gas ring is a rectangular ring. There is no need to emphasize the direction of assembly. The second and third gas rings must be installed with chamfered side up, otherwise the oil will be transported to the combustion chamber. For the fourth lard of combination ring, ring opening of oil and oil ring end paper within 180 ° staggered.

(2) cylinder liner
Cylinder pad has positive and negative, square hole should face up, contact with cylinder head surface, otherwise easy to clean cylinder pad.

(3) cylinder head nut
The cylinder cover fastening nut is a connecting bolt mounted on a cylinder to connect the cylinder cover to the body. One end of the nut is the boss, and there will be a boss who will be in contact with the cylinder head flat pad when installing the nut, otherwise damage the nut face, the cylinder head nut seems to be out of place.

(4) oil seal ring
Cylinder head seal ring sleeve ring groove, acting as a seal to prevent oil from leaking from the cylinder head, this is a semi-circular section. Shall be installed in the housing portion of the cylinder tank.

(5) hydraulic conductivity cover
The 6135 diesel engine inlet is equipped with a copper-red dermal hydraulic transmission system to allow the cooling water to enter the water chamber of each cylinder evenly. Including the hydraulic transmission device, its open response flywheel direction.

(6) convex pad and a special bridge pad
Share two cylinder gaskets or special impact bridge type gaskets to strengthen the connection between two cylinder heads and cylinders. If installed with convex point mat, you should lower than convex pad, it is easy to make the concave and convex pad in the following, if a special bridge pad, it should be a slot for the place mat deformation, so you can ensure that both the height of the cylinder head, it is equipped with two cylinder cover screw torque.

(7) thrust plate
In diesel engine thrust disc, crankshaft axial restriction by rotating cylinder pin machine crankshaft drive gear with crankshaft. The assembly shall install the thrust bearing in close front of the thrust disc hole with large chamfering Angle.

(8) thrust bearing
The thrust bearing is mainly used to ensure the crankshaft axial clearance to ensure that the lubricating oil will rub the surface crankshaft with the magazine. If the bearing installed in the gear cover of the timing gear is thin in front and thick in back, it shall not be installed incorrectly, and it must also be noted that four tanks should be outwards.

(9) fan
The core of the fan's radiator fan quickly eliminates the mat and speeds up the cooling water through the action of air flow.
The fan is installed and used on the 6135 diesel engine. Fan high-end diesel high pressure air before we see the surface (concave arc), if not installed protective or fan, no air pressure, the air will be blown out from the side, which influence the air flow fan, radiator cooling.