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Application and characteristics of diesel generators

1. Application and power range of diesel generator sets

Diesel generator set is a power equipment that USES diesel engine as power to drive three-phase ac synchronous generator to generate electricity. Diesel generators can provide stable and reliable power when normal power supply or sudden power failure cannot be realized. In some special departments are not allowed to suddenly loses power or important occasions, such as hospitals, Banks, such as relay station, the command post of the operating room, diesel generating sets can better play to the role of the backup power. Now it is widely used in communications, mining, railway, hospital, financial, scientific research, road construction, industrial and agricultural production, urban construction and living, and many other areas of the field power supply, emergency power supply and backup power supply, etc.

At present, the domestic use of diesel generator set power range is wide, small to o. 5 kw, big to thousands of kilowatts, according to the statistics, use more unit has 10 kw, 20 kw and 40 kw, 50 kw, 75 kw, 120 kw and 200 kw. Unit model is varied, the commonly used with cummins diesel generator set (as shown in figure 1-1), domestic 135 series diesel generating sets, small long yasuda diesel generator set (as shown in figure 1-2) and 190 series diesel generator set (as shown in figure 1-3), etc.

Technical requirements of various industries for diesel generators

The industry demand for diesel generating set is roughly same, simple operation, low fault rate and can start at any time, timely supply, safe and reliable operation, low fuel consumption, low noise, the power supply voltage and frequency of the generator should be able to meet the requirements of electrical equipment. If the unit cannot meet the above technical requirements, it will affect the normal operation of the electrical equipment. For example, when the diesel engine has a failure of unstable rotating speed, the voltage and frequency of the generator will be high and low. This can cause a lot of problems: the UPS used by the communications department will issue alerts; The light will come and go; When telex telegrams are carried out by the postal and telecommunications departments, serious distortion of characters and fax images will occur. Voltage and frequency instability serious will burn out the electrical equipment. To meet the various industries to the technical requirement of the diesel generator set, operators and maintenance technician must master the structure of the diesel generator set technical knowledge, principle, performance and maintenance, skilful operation to use diesel generating sets, maintenance and repair.