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Composition and classification of diesel generators

I. composition of diesel generators

Diesel generator sets generally consist of three parts: diesel engine, ac synchronous generator, control panel (distribution and control system).

Diesel engines and three-phase ac synchronous generators are usually rigidly connected and installed directly on the trailer frame or fixed bracket through shock absorbers. The control panel, diesel box and battery box of the mobile diesel generator set are directly mounted on the frame. The common base of a fixed diesel generator unit is usually fixed on a specially designed reinforced concrete foundation, and the battery is placed on the side of the diesel engine starter, as shown in figure 1. The control panel of fixed unit is installed on the upper part of ac synchronous generator by tripod, while the smaller control panel is installed on the upper part of the control part shell of generator.

FIG. 1 location of storage battery on reinforced concrete foundation
According to the design requirements of users or manufacturers, some diesel fuel tanks of fixed units are installed on the public base and some are set separately from diesel generators.

Ii. Classification of diesel generators

A generator in a diesel generator set is a device that converts the mechanical energy of a diesel engine into electric energy, which is the output part of electric power. There are many kinds of diesel generators, which can be classified as follows:

Depending on the operating conditions, diesel generators can be classified into land and ship types, and land units can be classified into fixed type and mobile type (trailer type) type.

Diesel generators can be classified into general type, automatic type, low noise type and low noise type according to the different requirements of land use units.

Depending on the nature of generator output current, diesel generators can be divided into ac generators and dc generators.

Diesel generators can be divided into units equipped with rotating ac exciter system and units equipped with static exciter system according to different excitation modes of ac synchronous generators.

Diesel generators can be divided into commonly used generators, standby generators and emergency generators according to their different USES.