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Development of diesel generators

Diesel power generating set is a technology-intensive product integrating machinery and electronics, involving motor science, electromagnetism, mechanical engineering, automatic control technology, modern design methods and other professional disciplines. Since the 1990s, diesel generators have been greatly improved in the following aspects.

1. New technology of diesel engine 1 -- various mechanisms are constantly improved and new technologies such as turbocharging and air cooling are adopted

In the 1960 s, the production of diesel engines at home and abroad are mostly four-stroke water-cooled, and most of the diesel engine is naturally aspirated model, only a few for diesel, such as 135 series, 110 series, 190 series and 120 series diesel engine, they is characterized by large volume, small power, fuel consumption. Since the 1980 s, the manufacturers in order to reduce the volume of a diesel engine, improve power and reduce fuel consumption, and at the same time in order to reduce the production cost, widely used in more than 40 kw diesel engine turbocharged inter-cooled technology and air technology, as shown in figure 1. A few manufacturers also used multi - valve technology, so that diesel engine specific power is further strengthened. The materials of diesel engine intake system, fuel supply system, piston group and crankshaft connecting rod assembly are constantly improved and improved, and the production technology level has also been greatly improved.

2. New diesel engine technology 2 -- adopt electronic governor, electronic hydraulic governor and electric jet technology

In order to further improve the utilization rate of fuel and reduce the emissions of diesel engine, such as noise pollution to the environment, improve the quality of diesel generating sets of power supply, people in diesel engine fuel system components increased by ems or electronic hydraulic speed control technology, electronic speed control technology. Currently, ESD5500E electronic governor is widely used in diesel generators, as shown in figure 2.

3. New diesel technology 3 -- high pressure common rail fuel supply system

Precise electronic fuel injection device is used to control the time, amount and pressure of fuel injection automatically, so as to reduce the noise of diesel engine and effectively control the emission of harmful gases.

4. New generator technology -- single bearing structure and noise reduction technology

In order to reduce the volume of ac synchronous generator and reduce the noise and vibration of the unit, generator manufacturers often adopt single bearing knot cutting and noise reduction technology. In order to improve the overall performance of ac synchronous generators, many manufacturers have changed from brush synchronous generators to advanced brushless ac synchronous generators.

5. New technology of generator control panel -- using microprocessor and digital display technology

Microprocessors and digital display technology are used in power distribution and control systems. Some diesel generators also have remote control interface functions. In this way, the operating parameters of diesel generator sets, such as oil pressure, oil temperature, water temperature, speed, fuel oil and generator voltage and frequency, can be comprehensively monitored and automatically protected.