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First understanding of the appearance of fixed immovable components of diesel engine

The cylinder block of diesel engine crankcase, cylinder head, cylinder liner, cylinder pad, and the oil pan belongs to the stationary components, its main body is cylinder block - crankcase, diesel engine main institutions and other auxiliary system of all parts and components are installed on the cylinder block - inside the crankcase. The cylinder body and crankcase bear the main load of diesel engine. The appearance of fixed immovable components of diesel engine is shown in the figure.

Cylinder body - crankcase general introduction

Used to install the piston in the cylinder block - crankcase area known as the cylinder, usually one or more cylinders cast into a whole, known as the cylinder block or the body, the space of the bottom of the cylinder block is used to install the crankshaft, is called the crankcase. In general, the cylinder body and the upper part of the crankcase are cast as a whole, collectively known as the cylinder body - crankcase or body, and the lower part is the oil sump. The cylinder body is generally cast with gray iron, and the diesel engine cast with gray iron is usually multi-cylinder diesel engine, and some individual single cylinder diesel engines are made of aluminum alloy.