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Diesel engine fixed component cylinder block - crankcase structural form

Used to install the piston in the cylinder block - crankcase area known as the cylinder, usually one or more cylinders cast into a whole, known as the cylinder block or the body, the space of the bottom of the cylinder block is used to install the crankshaft, is called the crankcase. In general, the cylinder body and the upper part of the crankcase are cast as a whole, collectively known as the cylinder body - crankcase or body, and the lower part is the oil sump. The cylinder body is generally cast with gray iron, and the diesel engine cast with gray iron is usually multi-cylinder diesel engine, and some individual single cylinder diesel engines are made of aluminum alloy.

3. Main bearing cover 4. Main bearing cover bolt 5. CAM shaft bushing

10. Machine cooler cavity 12. Zhai pian 13. Positioning pin 16. Cooling nozzle

19. Rectangular sealing ring 20. Water pump cochlea 21. Lubricating oil pump body

1. Know the whole cylinder body and crankcase

The integral cylinder body - crankcase is the cylinder body and crankcase are cast into one body when manufacturing, the cylinder body of cummins B series diesel engine - crankcase belongs to this structure form.

The diesel engine can be divided into single cylinder diesel engine and multi cylinder diesel engine according to different cylinder body and crankcase structure. According to the different cylinder arrangement, multi - cylinder diesel engines are divided into straight and V - cylinder arrangement.