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Faults and causes of cylinder sleeve of diesel generator

I. fault and location of cylinder sleeve

Severe wear, crack, cavitation and cylinder drawing are easy to occur because of the high temperature and high pressure, cavitation damage of cooling fluid and mechanical stress. When cylinder liner after severe wear, to cause a decline in internal cylinder compression pressure, power reduction, etc., if use a word screwdriver in flywheel monitoring hole toggle diesel engine flywheel ring gear (as shown in figure 1), will see xin air; After the cylinder sleeve cracks or cavitation erosion, the cylinder sleeve may leak air, and the lubricating oil inside the oil sump will enter the cooling fluid. If the crack or cavitation position is above the stop point of the piston, the water tank (or radiator) will return water outwards after starting the diesel engine. The obvious characteristics of diesel engine after cylinder drawing are reduction of speed, power, lubricating oil temperature and smoke emission.

2. Causes of failure of cylinder sleeve

1. Causes of serious wear and tear of cylinder sleeve

The piston moves at high speed in the inner wall of the cylinder sleeve, which inevitably causes the wear of the cylinder sleeve. If the position error of cylinder sleeve is large in assembly, or the piston ring does not meet the technical requirements in assembly, serious wear of cylinder sleeve will appear soon.

2. Causes of cylinder sleeve cracking

Manufacturers in the casting defects, such as operators or use improper maintenance, in the outer wall of cylinder liner after cold hot mutation, long time overload operation or freezing, the outer wall of cylinder liner, will cause cylinder liner crack; If the cylinder sleeve assembly is not correct, the coordination gap between the cylinder sleeve and the cylinder body will change, causing the cylinder sleeve in the cylinder body to produce skewed phenomenon.

3. Causes of cylinder liner pulling

Generally, there are five reasons for cylinder pulling. First, the gap between piston and cylinder sleeve is small. Second, the maintenance of the grinding period did not follow the technical requirements; The third is that the gap of the piston ring is too small. Fourth, there are more solid particles in lubricating oil. Fifthly, when the operator has no lubricating oil pressure or low lubricating oil pressure, the speed of the diesel engine will be increased rapidly.

4. Cavitation erosion caused by cylinder sleeve

There are three reasons for cavitation erosion of cylinder sleeve. First, the manufacturer has defects in casting; Second, the cylinder sleeve and piston between the large fit gap; Third, the cylinder sleeve and cylinder body between the large gap between the coordination.