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Dialysis the causes and countermeasures of oil leakage from high pressure oil pipe of diesel engine

Oil leakage occurs in the crack or fracture of the tubing joint, which is usually caused by the cracking of the high-pressure tubing of diesel engines I and VI. In addition to the quality of the tubing itself, it is mainly used to fix the high-pressure tubing clamp or install it in an improper position when repairing and removing the fuel pump.

The oil leakage in the connection part of the high pressure oil pipe may be caused by the improper sealing of the connection seal cone of the high pressure oil pipe, injector and fuel pump. Through inspection, after removing the cause of oil leakage of fuel pump and injector, check whether the cold upsetting cone of the finished product of high-pressure oil pipe meets the requirements of the drawing and whether there is any bending dimension error. Due to the vibration of high pressure pipeline and the installation stress caused by the bending error of high pressure pipeline, it is possible to aggravate the poor sealing of sealing cone.

In order to ensure the accuracy requirement of the seal cone shape, size, recommended in high pressure oil pipe connection after a head cold heading forming, tubing bending shape before, add a finishing grinding cone process, through grinding equipments guarantee the precise of cone sizes and shapes, general every root high-pressure tubing grinding 0.02 ~ 0.05 mm, to form a complete accurate cone, individual to grinding more than 1.0 mm. It is necessary to store the protective cover after cold upsetting forming, which can completely solve the problem of parts collision.

Repair methods for diesel generators

Is not a new tube replacement, cooperate with taper hole in high pressure oil pipe taper surface mat 1-2 cm long, plastic pipe, about 5 mm in diameter or pad diameter slightly larger than the tubing diameter and outer diameter appropriate copper washer. The high pressure pipeline fracture of diesel generator usually occurs at the end of the connection with the fuel pump. The first reason is that the torque does not meet the requirements (the torque of the high pressure tubing nut should be controlled at 40-6on •m). If the torque is too large, it is easy to damage the thread and deform the tubing. Too small, easy leakage at the sealing cone. When the nut screws into a certain pre-tightening force, such as tubing and joint leakage of diesel, should remove tubing, check ball head and the suction pump or the cone of the injector in contact for dirt, if so, remove the torque by the regulation again after tighten. 2 it is installation position is not correct, high-pressure tubing ends and the injector body and delivery valve installation position is not straight, caused by high pressure oil pipe distortion, then again forced to tighten the nut on both ends of the tubing, will damage the tubing and the spill.