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Diesel engine parts cylinder head classification

Main components of the structure of diesel engine cylinder head is used to close the upper body, and the piston and cylinder liner combustion chamber space and ensure the smooth progress of diesel engine intake and exhaust process, its basic structure. Cylinder head is the fixed non - motor parts of diesel engine, usually cast iron or aluminum alloy. To dissipate heat, the inside of the cylinder head is cast with water sleeve. Cooling fluid under the action of the pressure of the pump from the tank (or radiator) into the cylinder block water jacket, and then through the cylinder pad internal drainage holes into the cylinder cover water jacket, and out of the cylinder head end face of the drainage holes, outlet pipe into the cylinder head and finally back to the tank.

There are many kinds of cylinder head structure and its classification methods are also many.

1. According to the number of cylinders

(1) single cylinder head

Single cylinder head means that each cylinder has a separate cylinder head, such as the cylinder head of single-cylinder S1100 and S195 diesel engines and the cylinder head of multi-cylinder 190 series diesel engines.

(2) combined cylinder head

Combined cylinder head, that is, every two cylinders share one cylinder head, such as 135 series diesel engine cylinder head and 120 series diesel engine cylinder head.

(3) integral cylinder head

Integral cylinder head, that is, every four cylinder or six cylinder share one cylinder head, the cylinder head of cummins series diesel engine that USES extensively at present belongs to integral cylinder head.

2. By number of valves

(1) cylinder head of secondary valve

There are two valves on each cylinder of the cylinder cover of the two valves, the inlet valve and the exhaust valve. The cylinder cover of two valves is mainly used for small size or low pressure high speed diesel engines, such as cummins series diesel engines, steyr series diesel engines and 120 series diesel engines.

(2) four-valve cylinder head

The cylinder cover of the four valves is installed on each cylinder with four valves, i.e., two inlet and outlet doors, as shown in figure 2. The inlet and outlet channels are arranged on both sides of the cylinder head. The cylinder head of the four-valve cylinder head is generally arranged in tandem and parallel. The two named valves of the same name in the serial arrangement share one air duct, such as the cylinder head of 190 series diesel engines. The two valves of the same name in parallel arrangement are connected with a separate airway.
3. Classification by materials used

(1) cast iron cylinder head

Cast iron cylinder head is generally made of gray iron, alloy iron or ductile iron, such as cummins diesel engine cylinder head is cast of gray iron.

(2) aluminum alloy cylinder head

Aluminum alloy cylinder head is characterized by good thermal conductivity and light quality, but its thermal strength is low, easy to produce deformation, and high cost. Aluminum alloy cylinder heads are currently used in light and high speed diesel engines, such as the 12V150 series diesel cylinder heads using aluminum alloy materials.