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The hazards of diesel generators should be noted

Diesel generator set is a kind of small power generation equipment, which refers to the power machinery that drives the generator to generate electricity with diesel engine as the fuel. Due to the diesel generator set's characteristics of using diesel fuel, some harmful gas impurities will be produced when it is used. Here, I would like to give some Suggestions to the users:

A, black smoke (Soot) : let a person feel nausea, ugly, and thought that fire. The metaphor is like a wild weed on the edge of a driveway.

Carbon monoxide (CO) : colorless, tasteless, will from the human body into the body and the breath, rapid hinder the oxygen in the blood, in the environment of the 800 PPM work 2 ~ 3 hours will make people dizzy or cramps or death. The metaphor is like a broken bridge in a driveway.

Three, hydrocarbons (HC), hydrocarbons (alkane, alkene, alkyne CnH2n + 2, CnH2n - 2), with O, NO, or O3 reaction of benzene, biphenyl as carcinogens cause lung cancer, liver cancer. (C6H6, C12H10) irritate eyes, make people cry, runny nose. It's like a big hole in the driveway.

4. Nitrogen oxides (NOx) : the NO2 contained in it will react less with O3, which will cause pneumonia and form acid rain when combined with the ultraviolet ray in the sunlight. N2O is laughing gas, which has the effect of anesthetizing the brain nerve and can cause alzheimer's disease. There is no neutral line in a two-way lane.

Sulfur oxides (SOx) : resistant to wilting forests, corrosive houses, acid rain, etc. The environmental protection agency's air pollution department has agreed to control vulcanized sulfur from oil products.

6. Suspended particulate matter (PM) : it is smaller and lighter than black smoke particles, and it is difficult to see flying dust with the naked eye. If it is combined with other toxic gases, the generator set attached to the human skin will cause dermatitis.

These are the gases that have a greater impact on humans, and these toxic gases also produce chemical odors that are intolerable. Diesel engine emissions in addition to the above the black smoke, toxic gas and smell, also can cause disturbing noise, generally speaking, the noise is usually produced by diesel engines for 108 ~ 120 dba, so each diesel generator is equipped with a silencer, but a muffler to reduce noise from 20 to 35 dba, general type, homes and hospitals. Noise is one of the environmental protection is, of course, only to the different requirements, so recommend customers to use low noise generator set, so you can comprehensive consideration to the diesel generator set pollution to the environment (exhaust pollution and noise pollution).