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Analysis of three cases of special fault of diesel engine

Early damage of a diesel engine turbocharger
The turbocharger 6CT8.3 diesel engine is damaged by the turbocharger. After the new turbocharger is replaced, the engine oil pressure and other parts are checked to be normal. The turbine shell of the turbocharger becomes red and red around 30min. The turbine shell material is cast iron, and the turbine shell will not appear red at the normal exhaust temperature of the diesel engine. The main reasons for the excessive exhaust temperature and high exhaust temperature of the diesel engine are:
(1) the exhaust valve of a diesel engine is closed;
(2) the oil supply advance angle is too late;
(3) super load operation of diesel engine. According to the work situation, it is found that the diesel engine does not operate under the overload condition, check the valve clearance in the specified range, and finally find that the failure phenomenon is disappeared after the oil supply advance angle is too late to readjust the oil supply advance angle. This is also the reason for turbocharger's early damage.
Exhaust pipe of two 6135K-10 diesel engine comes from smoke
ZL45 loader (using 6135K-10 diesel engine) driving, operation is weak, diesel engine exhaust pipe out a large number of white smoke, measuring diesel engine speed, up to only 1000r/min (rated speed 2200r/min), check low pressure oil road found no abnormal, cylinder dismantling injector high pressure pipe inspection, oil injection normal, no cylinder phenomenon inspection The connection bolt of the fuel injection pump advance device and the coupling is loosened, and the fuel supply advance angle of the machine is measured to be 3 degrees (the machine standard is 14~17 degrees). According to the analysis of the inspection, the cause of the failure is that the fuel supply advance angle is too late, the fuel in the cylinder is not completely burned and the combustion chamber is discharged in the form of evaporating oil mist, so that the diesel engine can not reach the rated speed and work powerless. The fuel supply advance angle is 17 degrees, the diesel engine works normally, and the loader's walking and working powerless phenomena disappear.
Three 4120F air-cooled diesel engine muffler fire
The 4120F air-cooled diesel engine is weak and exhausting. Examination found that the body temperature was too high and the staff felt hot. The main reasons are: (1) the valve clearance is not correct, the exhaust valve closes is not strict, the burning high temperature mixture is discharged into the exhaust manifold, and the cooling fan failure, the diesel engine cooling air volume is insufficient; the fuel supply advance angle is too late, and the fuel which is not completely burned in the exhaust manifold is burned. Check valve clearance, cooling fan and fan belt have not found abnormal. When checking oil supply advance angle, it is found that the semicircle key of the input shaft of the high pressure pump coupling is cut off. It only relies on the radial fastening bolt of the coupling to drive the injection pump camshaft, and the oil supply advance angle is lagging behind. Replace the semicircle key, the oil supply advance angle is adjusted to the standard, and the fault phenomenon is gone.